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I could remember being a little girl and always smelling my mother and other ladies in the church smell elegant and I always said, “When I grow up I’m going to always smell like elegance too.” I would find myself asking my mom what fragrance she was wearing because she would smell different on Mondays than she smelled on Saturdays and Sundays.

When I reached 15 years old all I wanted for my birthday and Holidays was perfume. I began going to the Dept. stores and asking questions, smelling different fragrances, and trying them on. All of them didn’t smell good on me and I wanted to know why. I later learned that everyone’s body chemistry is different and perfumes and colognes smelled different on everyone.

I began researching different fragrances and became my own study animal so I could be well informed on what a man or lady is asking for when they describe the kind of fragrance they were looking for. As I learned I made a commitment to place myself in a position to make people smell good and smile at the same time. Then my mission began, being able to communicate with someone on the smell they were looking for through them describing what fragrance they liked and were looking for became a fulfilling opportunity to create Chamich’s Boutique (Smells of Elegance).

With the passion to serve both men and women, put smiles on their faces due to satisfaction with the access to thousands of fragrances and great customer service I will continue to work diligently to continue to create and recreate an avenue to deliver popular Smells of Elegance.

Chamich’s Boutique is a small family owned online business that has worked hard since 2010 to work competitively with large Department stores to make the smells of elegance affordable to the public. Which is one of the reasons you would love doing business with Chamich’s Boutique, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We not only offer competitive prices we also have Holiday sales to blow your socks off. Along with smelling good Chamich’s Boutique offer accessories such as women’s lingerie, purses, lashes, and other things to help with an experience of elegance.

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